Cristóbal Gabarrón (1945. Mula, Spain)

An internationally-recognized artist known for his production of public art, as much in paint as in sculpture or monumental montage. His installations in parks, streets, and squares have contributed to redefining the essence of cities and communities all over the world. Gabarron’s work is focused on his interest in humanism, people who live in harmony with their natural surroundings, their peaceful coexistence, and the development of human values.

Since 1992, Gabarron has promoted and participated in the on-going creation of a foundation in each of these cities: Valladolid, New York, and Mula. The purpose of these is to give back to society what society has given him by means of artistic and cultural activities, thereby enhancing awareness through the arts, education, and culture, (

Gabarron's Timeline

A selection of the artist's milestones along his life and career.

April 25, 1945 Birth
Gabarron is born



Mula is the small village where the artist is born.


Nurtured by nature





His first contact with the magical world of creation occurs in childhood through curiosity and concern that occurs in the thought and experience of a child at the opportunity to compose "something" with materials as simple as they are ephemeral.



In the memories of him remains the smell, nature and the fruit of the land of him, which will be the sources of inspiration for him many times, years later.



1952 Moving to another city
Moving to Valladolid

He moved with his family to the city of Valladolid. 

 Like any child who likes to paint, he begins to interpret what he sees (not yet what he feels) with more and more enthusiasm, and decides in his teens that he wants to be an artist.

1964 Castilla Art Gallery, Valladolid (Spain)
Castile’s Landscapes


First exhibition showing artworks of Castile’s Landscapes at Castilla Art Gallery, Valladolid (Spain).

Gabarron studies, Investigates, experiments and restlessly intuits that art is completed with thought. 

It delves into various aspects of the human being as an object of creation, a fact that from this moment will always be present in his work.


1969 Gallery Renée Sublin, Paris (France)
“The capture of volume”

“The capture of volume”.



Gallery Renée Sublin, Paris (France).


1970-1979 “Signs Series“ (1970-75) and “New York BN Series” (1976-79).
“Signs Series“ and “New York BN Series”

“Signs Series“ (1970-75) and “New York BN Series” (1976-79).




“Cristobal Gabarron”, curated by Donald Kuspit, at
The National Museum in Gdansk (Poland) 2007.


1984 “Magicus Obwer Series”
“Magicus Obwer Series”

“Magicus Obwer Series”



“The image of the body in the art of Cristobal
Gabarron” curated by Donal Kuspit, IVAM,
Valencia (Spain) 2006

1985 “Crucifixion Series”
“Crucifixion Series”

“Crucifixion Series”



“The image of the body in the art of Cristobal Gabarron” curated by Donald Kuspit, at the Chelsea Art Museum, New York (USA) 2005.


1986 “Magicus Obwer Series”
United Nations Association

Signing of “Our Hope for Peace”

with Annabelle Wiener, General Secretary of the World Federation of the United Nations Association for the WFUNA program, New York (USA)

1986-1987 Wilfredo Lam Center for Contemporary Art. Havana (Cuba)
“II Havana Biennial”

“II Havana Biennial”

Permanent artwork at the Wilfredo Lam Center for Contemporary Art. Havana (Cuba)

Cristóbal Gabarrón (1945. Mula, Spain)


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