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If you want to learn more about Cristobal Gabarron’s art, you’re in the right place. Immerse yourself in the artist art world.


Gabarron's career started as a painter. He has never stopped painting and evolving his art since he started.


The artist approached sculptures once painting was developed. Years later sculpture became a core part of his career.

Public Art

The constant connection to the people, made him an expense part of his art to show internationally as Public Art for decades.

more diverse art

Olympic Art

Sport art arrived in 1989 with the first sport art work for Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. Followed by Atlanta 1996 and the Centennial of modern olympics.

Recent works

While his art works extend several media and decades of work, a quick update on his latest works is always worthy to come back often.


Performing arts is the inspiration for the artist's Stenography. Remarkable works for the Washington Ballet and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.


Always exploring different media, the artist has a personal art expression in his ceramics, shown in Cannes in the mayor retrospective in France.


Large Mural is one of the identities of Cristobal Gabarron. Since 1992 in Seville Universal Expo and Barcelona 1992, the artists have done many.

Architectural art

The relationship between art and architecture has always been and interest of the artist. Enjoy of his application on houses, industrial buildings and parks.